Since 1965, Scott Canoe® has grown to be Canada's largest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. Through-out our history we have continually led our industry in innovation, design, quality and durability. We have worked hard to build products that meet and exceed the demands of our customers. In turn, our customers have rewarded us with their loyalty.
With a vast range of models, sizes, design configurations and colours from which to choose, our goal is to help you select a craft that is ideally tailored to you …without compromise.

The Scott name has earned a sterling reputation and is recognized as a symbol of quality and pride. Over the years of reliable performance on North America's rivers and lakes…the spirit of excellence of all of us who build Scott canoes will be with you every stroke of the way.

‘Thank you', to everyone who has, does or will paddle a Scott canoe. We work very hard to build great canoes…but it's really you who have made us what we are today.