Scott Canoe® has been producing fiberglass canoes since 1965. Over the years we have developed this laminate to be moderate in weight, economical and extremely durable. Our fiberglass canoes provide a hull which has reasonable flex with enough rigidity that "oilcanning" should never be a problem. If you want a high quality recreational canoe at a reasonable cost, consider fiberglass.

Standard Kevlar

    This laminate is the next step up from Fiberglass, providing considerable weight savings. The same rigid hull with a gentle flex. As our most popular Kevlar® laminate, standard Kevlar® is the choice of trippers and recreationalists alike. This Kevlar® construction is truly a time-tested honourable favourite engineered for high performance and superior durability. A canoe manufactured in Kevlar® is an excellent long-term investment.

Expedition Kevlar

    The merit of this type of canoe is its durability in harsh conditions and continual use. Hulls constructed in an expedition laminate can take a beating yet soundly survive these additional demands - naturally a superb choice for extended whitewater use.

    These hulls use similar materials to those used in our standard Kevlar® canoes, with layers added, especially in high water areas. As the sturdiest of our laminates, expedition Kevlar® is popular among wilderness trippers and those who expect extreme durability in a lightweight canoe.


    As one of the most popular construction materials for canoes today, Royalex® has proven itself to be capable of withstanding the most brutal wear and tear. It's considerably heavier than our composite canoes (fiberglass, Kevlar®, carbon fiber) but if you demand a tough canoe you will not be disappointed.


    This is a slightly shaved down version of Royalex®. It's still tough as nails but considerably lighter for those who want a canoe that is almost as strong as Royalex® but approximately ten pounds lighter.

Weight Information

    All published weights are based on an average weight, which is calculated by weighing many completed canoes of the same model and trim. All fiberglass and Kevlar® stated weights are for canoes trimmed with a standard aluminum trim package. Standard aluminum trim, black vinyl trim and wood trim packages are approximately three to four pounds heavier than canoes trimmed with the slimline trim package. The slimline trim package is available on all paddling models. Expedition Kevlar published weights are for canoes trimmed with the slimline package.

    Published weights and specifications may vary.
    Mid-Canada Fiberglass Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications and construction in a continuing product improvement policy.