Standard Aluminum Trim

    This package is standard on all Scott® fiberglass, Kevlar® and expedition Kevlar® canoes. The gunwales are a tough satin finished aluminum. Handles, thwarts and nose caps are also aluminum. The seats are constructed of a durable maintenance-free aluminum hangers and sizeable seat plates padded with comfortable closed cell ethafoam. This package is economical, very tough and best of all, maintenance free.

Slimline Aluminum Trim

    All Scott ultralight canoes come standard with this package which is also available as an option on our fiberglass, standard Kevlar® and expedition Kevlar® hulls. The slimline gunwales are less beefy than our standard Scott® gunwales but are designed to be lightweight and exceptionally strong. Canoes trimmed with this package are consistantly four or more pounds lighter than those with standard trim. Ash framed webbed seats, ash thwarts, ash handles and an ash centre yoke are all standard features which elegantly complete this lightweight trim package. These gunwales completely hide all rivets and hardware creating a clean finish which is pleasing to the eye.

Black Vinyl Trim

    This tough, maintenance-free trim system standard on our royalex canoes and available as an option on all Scott® fiberglass, standard Kevlar® and expedition Kevlar® canoes. As it is a heavier package it is uncommon on ultralite constructed canoes. This package comes standard with ash webbed seats, ash handles, ash thwarts and an ash centre yoke. Our vinyl trim system is an excellent choice if your canoe will be seeing extra heavy use.

Ash Wood Trim

    Each wood trim canoe is finished with hand selected white ash which is custom fitted by skilled craftsmen. Rounded inner and outer gunwales are pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing on your hands while portaging. All wood trim canoes come standard with ash webbed seats, an ash centre yoke as well as ash decks, thwarts and handles. All wood receives three coats of satin marine finish. The finely crafted Scott wood trim package offers strength, resilience and distinctive beauty. The ash wood trim is available on all Scott® fiberglass, Kevlar®, expedition Kevlar® and ultralite Kevlar® canoes.