Hudson Bay Freighter and Albany Freighter (Albany shown above)

The 21' Hudson Bay is a larger version of the 18' Albany and naturally will take a larger motor to push the increased load capacity. Consider a 9 hp for the Albany and a 20 hp for the Hudson Bay. Standard construction features include: heavy duty laminates, triple keel with aluminum pipe reinforcing, minimum of eight beefy aluminum cross ribs, cast aluminum nose and corner caps with built-in handles, extra wide ash gunwales and thwarts. The stern seat on both is a solid wood seat covered in fiberglass with floatation materials within. The 21' Hudson Bay comes standard with a solid center seat of the same construction. The 18' Albany has inside mounted ethafoam sponsons for additional floatation.

The Albany and the Hudson Bay are only available in the Wood Trim or the Vinyl Trim packages

Albany Suggested Motor Size - 9.9HP
Hudson Bay Suggest Motor Size- 15 HP