From a basement workshop in 1960 to the modern fiberglass plant of 2012, SCOTT® CANOE has evolved to become the premier canoe of Canada.

In the beginning tourist operators of Northern Ontario finally found a source for wood fishing boats. Over the next two years Bill Scott filled their needs and plywood boats began appearing throughout the camps. During this period Gerald (Jerry) Shepherdson, a patternmaker with the local foundry, became more involved helping to build some boats on weekends.

There had to be something quicker and better. Accordingly, Scott began experimenting with fiberglass and finally produced a 14' y-stern and a 15' paddling canoe. Soon these fiberglass canoes became the talk of the industry.

In 1963, Scott sold his idea and shop to the Semple Gooder Company of Toronto. To meet manufacturing demands the new company opened a modern shop just outside of New Liskeard, Ontario. Shepherdson left his patternmaking job of thirteen years to oversee the production portion of the business, leaving Scott in charge of sales and marketing.
From 1963 to 1965 Scott Custom Plastics designed and produced Scott® Canoes. Fiberglass ducts and tanks were produced for mining companies such as Inco and Falconbridge. Also, the Lands and Forest, Pulp and Paper and the Dept. of Highways became steady customers. Shepherdson particularly remembers the fiberglass waffle forms manufactured for contractors, who used them when pouring concrete ceilings. Working day and night the company was able to meet it's deadlines. This policy has continued to this day. "Always meet your delivery dates." Another major contract for this young company was lining the water tank for the Adams Mine outside in late November. The tank was approximately 100 feet in diameter x 10 feet in depth.    
In 1965, the Toronto company stepped aside and moved back to Toronto due to the location. Canoe design and building were still Scott and Shepherdson's main priority. Therefore they became partners in what grew to be Canada's largest canoe company. Since then SCOTT® CANOE has become the name to remember.

New designs and models were introduced yearly and sold through a network of dealers. Our traditional designs became the backbone of the industry. New material including KEVLAR® was on the drawing board, when everything came to a stop.... March 1975 the shop burned to the ground.

With severe losses and spring deliveries upon us we contacted our dealers promising we would be back in business in six weeks. Almost six weeks to the day we were producing and delivering to our anxious customers. Many thanks to all our dealers who waited patiently. We could not have done this without your help.

    In 1975 the company was incorporated under the name MID-CANADA FIBERGLASS LTD. which it still proudly possesses today. Early 1976, when everything settled after the fire, MCF introduced a KEVLAR® canoe to the marketplace. Large numbers were sold to rental outlets in Algonquin Park. Happy paddlers soon recognized the SCOTT® KEVLAR® CANOE as the premium canoe on the market. Mid-Canada became the largest producer of Kevlar® canoes in Canada producing approximately 400 a year by 1980.

    In order to deliver our Scott® Canoes (approximately 2000 a year) MCF introduced our own trucking system. Trailers carrying 50 canoes became a common sight on Ontario's highways.
    In 1981, Shepherdson bought out his former partner (Scott) and continued to lead the company forward. MCF became the envy of most canoe manufacturers with its yearly displays at the Toronto Boat Show and the Toronto Sportsman Show. Sales moved east of ONTARIO, throughout QUEBEC and to EASTERN CANADA. SCOTT® CANOES continued on the move....

In 1983 RHONDA WOOD returned from Western Canada and became a partner. In 1993 as Vice-President in charge of Marketing and Sales, the company's aim was focused on distribution to the USA and EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Through Rhonda's hard work, container loads of Scott® Canoes began moving to Europe and Asia. The team of G. Shepherdson, R. Wood, M. Charland, P. Underhill and B. Wood continued designing and selling the always famous Scott® Canoes. In addition to exporting canoes Mid-Canada Fiberglass has become the Canadian manufacturer and distributor for SAWYER CANOES of USA.

As well as our traditional designs, new models for the elite paddlers were introduced in Expedition and Ultra-Lite laminates. Scott® Canoes presently have available over 35 Models, including paddlers, y-sterns, freighters and a large voyageur canoe. Mid-Canada Fiberglass is committed to the highest standards of quality and we offer our customers an unsurpassed "after sales service". Since 1990 MCF has been a major player, servicing a dealer network which now stretches across Canada. Whether you are looking for Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Expedition or Ultra-Lites, Royalex or Royalite, MCF will be glad to help you with your decision. Talk to our knowledgeable sales staff.

CANOE PLUS SUPPLIES presently offers a one stop distribution with many watersport accessories. Dealers lacking volume buying power can now enjoy our special service. TALK TO US....

Being diversified has always played an important part of Mid-Canada Fiberglass. In addition and secondary to canoes, MCF manufactures "TOTEM" Snowmobile sleighs for the winter market. Due to the popularity of snowmobiling and the many off-road accidents, MCF has designed a TOTEM AMBULANCE SLED. This unit will accommodate an injured person and the attendant while transporting them back to the ambulance on a main highway. Time is of the essence, when an accident happens out on the trail... get there quickly... assess the injury... place the victim into the TOTEM RESCUE SLED... and return the patient and attendant back to the road. The life saved may be YOURS....

Many communities have their own statues at the entrance of their town. DYMOND TWP. (New Liskeard) have Ms. Claybelt, a twelve-foot high Holstein Cow. Town of Moonbeam (Northern Ontario) has an eighteen-foot flying saucer. That's right, both were manufactured by Mid-Canada Fiberglass.

Presently operating from our modern 50,000 square-foot factory, MCF is constantly in search of new ideas and products to develop.

Give us a call. Our friendly staff will always be happy to talk and listen to you.

    Best Regards,
    W. Gerald Shepherdson
    President/General Manager